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The World Social Science Blog is run by the ISSC, the International Social Science Council in Paris. It is open to anyone to contribute – our partners and members all over the world, researchers, policymakers, funders, students, think tanks, government agencies – anyone interested in how the social sciences and other disciplines can contribute to social transformation and change for the better.

We aim to encourage debate and share opinions, best practice and innovative ideas related to social science.  The blog will also be a good place to share news and events and recent publications.

We hope, for example, that individuals involved in our main programmes – the latest World Social Science Report, Changing Global Environments, the Fellows Programme, the World Social Science Forum and others we are closely involved with, such as Future Earth.

If you would like to contribute to the blog or if you have any ideas or information you would like to share please email or tweet us @isscworld.

To launch the blog, we are using the latest World Social Science Report as a spring board for discussion. Produced by the ISSC in partnership with UNESCO and the OECD, we will use it to kick start the debate and discussion of the issues and challenges to the social sciences raised by the authors.

The posts in this blog reflect the opinions of contributors and not necessarily those of the ISSC.

The ISSC Secretariat with ten staff is based in Paris. The ISSC is an independent non-government organisation which represents the social, economic and behavioural sciences at the international level. Our goal is to strengthen the social sciences to help solve global problems.

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We welcome comments on the blogs and contributions to the debate. It is fine of course to be critical but it is important to be constructive and polite. We will check all comments before posting them on the blog, which means there may be a delay in posting some comments over public holiday periods or weekends. Please note the following: